Here you will find all the current and past news.

  • sales partner wanted

    Wanted: Sales partner for the Matto gyrocopter more ›

  • Flight test

    Today our gyrocopter MATTO passed the mandatory 15 meters obstacle test more ›

  • Seat belt test

    Our Gyrocopter MATTOs’ seat belts have been checked more ›

  • Seat test

    It is hard to believe, but right under that bunch of sandbags tis the location of the MATTO’s seat. more ›

  • Mast strength check

    What looks like a embankment... more ›

  • Landing gear drop test

    The gyrocopter was dropped to the ground from an altitude of 50 cm. more ›

  • Nose wheel loading test

    There is a strict regulations concerning the nose wheel.... more ›

  • Provisional approval is granted

    September 2013 - The vvz for our MATTO is granted. more ›

  • MATTO can be ordered straight away

    September 2013 - We are very pleased that MATTO can be produced in quantities immediately. more ›

  • Electric pre-rotation

    August 2013 - The MATTO is electrified. more ›