Gyro technology

A gyroplane is not a plane and not a helicopter. The drive is generated via a non-powered rotor. In forward flight, the air is always directed from below and channeled by the rotor, wherein a driving force is formed in the orbit and on the rotor blade.
Gyroplanes are classed as UL (ultralight) aviation sport equipment and, in Germany, they are approved for a takeoff weight of 560 kg. With a curb weight of approx. 300 kg, there is sufficient reserve for 2 pilots, fuel and luggage. The only gyrocopter in the world to do so, the MATTO even has a working rescue system built into the mast (as an on board option, additional charge).

Why opt for a gyroplane?


  • The servicing and operation of a gyroplane are much cheaper than for a helicopter.
  • The design of a gyroplane is much simpler than that of a helicopter. Consequently, the purchase cost is only a fraction of that that of a helicopter.
  • The failure of the drive does not reduce the rotor speed. A gyroplane can be landed safely. This is extensively taught as part of training.
  • As the rotor speed is more important than driving forward, the gyroplane does not stall due to low movement. In comparison to aircraft, the gyrocopter requires a shorter take-off distance and a far shorter landing runway (only around ten meters). The slight forward motion during landing makes emergency landing far less dangerous than in the case of an airplane. This is because the landing runway is shortened to a great extent. Furthermore, far steeper approaches are possible.
  • The gyroplane is far easier to control than a helicopter and no more difficult to fly than a plane (only different!).
  • Unlike helicopters and a fixed-wing aircrafts, the gyroplane is very resistant to turbulence and, as such, it flies much more quietly than fixed-wing aircrafts, especially as an ultra-light aircraft.
  • The amount of space that is required in the hangar is much less than that of conventional planes.
  • Our MATTO offers a host of passive and active safety elements. The MATTO has a crash proof monocoque made out of fiber glass, Kevlar and carbon fibers. Our tanks have a Kevlar shell. In the absolute event of an emergency, the pyrotechnically ejected rescue system enables maximum security against injuries or worse.


  • As opposed to a helicopter, a pure gyroplane cannot hover and, as a rule, it cannot start or land vertically.
  • Compared to aircraft with the same mass, the power consumption is higher. At this point, gyroplanes are almost the same as helicopters.